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Q. Does eating chocolates increase Acne?

A.Though there is no direct proof that it does, we do know that foods with high glycemic index increase the tendency to have acne. This would mean foods that are easily digested and broken down to form simple sugars. And chocolate is one such food item.

Q. How often should I apply a sunscreen?

A. Even the best sunscreens are effective for about 4 hours, so if you are still out, you need to reapply a coat of sunscreen.

Q. What SPF is best for me?

A. A sunscreen with SPF above 26 is good enough for Indian skins. An incresing SPF gives only marginal benefit.

Q. I have acne-prone skin.Should I wash my face every 2 to 3 hours with soap?

A.Washing the skin that frequently and with a soap may have a paradoxical effect of increasing oil secretion, while making the skin sensitive. It is recommended to clean the skin not more thatn 3 times, with a gentle cleanser.

Q. Is Laser the only answer to unwanted hair growth?

A.Your doctor should ask you certain questions to get information regarding hormonal status and if he/she feels it necessary will advise a few tests to detect any underlying hormaonal abnormality that may be causing unwanted hair growth.Following that laser will be advised.

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