Top Seven Major Skin Problems In Summer



Almost all of us should be ready for summer and all it will offer us. Most people consider summer a favorite season because of the goods that it provides. We all love the fun activities we do in the sun during the summer season. In summer we can finally enjoy the outdoor activities and warm weather. But, in case the activities and fun in hot weather start damaging your skin and causing various skin problems. Below, we are about to discuss the common skin problems we face in summer, along with the remedies to prevent them.

Seven Skin Issues That You Can Encounter During Summer

  • Acne: Sweating is very common on summer days. But, when this sweat mixes with the bacteria and oils present on the skin, this can block the pores of the sweat gland. It may increase acne. For reducing this, you must wash your face frequently. It will keep the acne from coming again. There are no quick fixes to acne. It needs some time to fade away. But, you should maintain your daily habit of washing your face.
  • Dry skin due to lack of moisture: Dry skin is another common skin problem on summer days. In the summer season, we often experience hot and humid conditions. The sun absorbs the moisture from the skin very fastly. It is why the skin feels dry and brittle after spending some time under the sun. Exposure to an air-conditioner also causes the skin to dry. For fixing this, you must keep your skin moisturized and hydrated all the time during summer. You can use some moisturizers to keep your akin moisture maintained. Take a cold shower and wash your hair with shampoo after swimming activity to wash off any impurity that may cause your skin to dry.
  • Athlete foot: This type of fungal infection only infects athletes. However, it can be caused to anybody walking barefoot into moist and damp places like swimming pools. It may cause cracked feet, flaky skin, and peeling. It can be prevented by wearing shoes and any other footwear that can keep the feets dry. Wash your feet with water and soap. Make sure to dry them to prevent any chances of getting affected by the athlete’s foot.
  • Skin burn due to exposure to sunlight: It is the most common issue we face on summer days. There are chances of sunburn in many outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and playing cricket. Sunburn can occur even when you cannot see the sun out there. It is caused to the person with a sensitive skin type. For fixing this problem, you have to make a habit of wearing sunglasses when going outside. Remember to apply sunscreen every time you are going outside; it can reduce the chances of sunburn and lowers the risk of developing skin cancer.
  • Prickly heat: This condition is caused when you cannot sweat due to blocked pores of the sweat gland. As a result, this will cause itchy bumps over the skin. Generally, it fades away in a few days without any medicines. An excellent way to avoid this is to wear light and lose clothing when going outside. Avoid sweating, try to exercise at the coolest time of the day, use fans and air- conditioners to keep yourself cool.
  • Bug bites: As the summer season comes, it brings a variety of bugs with them, especially mosquitoes. Bug bites can be annoying and itchy also. It can also lead to various infectious diseases like  Zika, Dengue, and West Nile virus. For protecting yourself from bug bites, you should call the pest control around your residency. Also, you should apply some insect repellents over the skin, especially after the evening time.
  • Poison ivy and Sumac rashes: Summer campaign and hiking are among some of the activities that we often plan during summer. These outdoor activities can end up accidentally touching some of the plants like ivy, oak or Sumac. These plants secrets oil called urushiol. Contacting these plants can lead to dermatitis and other skin inflammations. The best way to avoid these conditions is to get yourself familiarized with the features of these plants so that you can easily recognize these plants.


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Dr. Navjot Arora , Dermaheal Skin & Hair Clinic

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